Connected air management.

Client: Filtermist International Limited

iOS Development
Android Development
Systems Architecture

Filtermist is a one-of-a-kind, innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solution to the air filtration and extraction industry.

The Filtermist application connects with a multipurpose control device used to manage and monitor systems that control the extraction of hazardous substances such as oil and coolant mist, fumes, smoke, dust, and volatile organic compounds

Filtermist has delivered fully automated centralised air cleaning systems for clients across a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, food processing and many more.

Designed and developed by Tradebox, Filtermist is the latest in our extensive portfolio of Smart City and Connected Environment products.

Filermist uses the very latest in BLE technologies to deliver customised air handling and pollution control systems to ensure clean air in working environments.

Filtermist offers an extensive product line from small and large stand-alone extraction units to centralised extraction systems designed to take care of an entire production site.

Filtermist systems offer a new standard for air filtration and extraction meter readings which produce cleaner, safer, and more productive industrial workplaces.