Challenges in Accepting DevOps for Mobile App Development

Although the primary standards of accepting DevOps for mobile applications and web applications are the same, there are some challenges for accepting DevOps in mobile app development. These challenges incorporate:

  1. Google Play Store and Apple App Store
    Usually, you can’t deploy a mobile app straight to a mobile gadget. It requires undergoing Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. The application undergoes a review and submission procedure of the App Store.
  2. Multi-Platform Support
    Mobile apps have many target environments. Maximum mobile applications target many OS versions, devices, hardware specs, and so forth.
  3. Mobile App Testing
    You might not want to have a 1-star rating for your mobile application. Dissatisfied clients can damage your brand publicly through the medium of the Play Store or App Store. Hence, it becomes highly essential for you to do thorough testing utilising performance, usability, and functional testing methods for your application.
  4. Pull Deployment Model
    Conventional deployments work on a push model where a unique app version can be pushed whether it’s a cloud-based app or a web application. Nevertheless, the procedure of updating a mobile application is a pull procedure as it depends on the user to select if or not he/she wishes to update the application.

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