5 Easy Steps On Building A Smart Home

Smart devices are truly changing the way we interact with our homes. A smart home, equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices saves consumers time, energy consumption, and ultimately money! Want to learn about setting up a smart device enabled abode for yourself? Check out our list of 5 easy steps on building the ultimate smart home!

1. Chose a Smart Home System

The first step to building your smart home is to chose a smart system that is compatible with your devices. Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from! Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod, and Works with Nest are some of the top options in the industry. These systems act as the hub of your home, reacting to voice commands that allows enabled to perform actions such as lowering the heat or dimming the lights.

2. Install Smart Wiring

The second step is to install smart wiring to every smart appliance in your home. This allows all of your devices to be connected to each other and to the hub. Smart Wiring is installed by an accredited Smart Wired technician, rather than individually qualified specialist cablers.

3. Automate your Heating and Cooling 

Installing a smart and learning thermostat allows AC to optimise itself to your home’s average temperature and ultimately saves on energy consumption. AirPatrol Wifi is an awesome gadget which allows you to control your AC settings from anywhere via their mobile application. Smart AC is adept at scheduling your energy consumption more efficiently throughout the day!

4. Install Smart Security

Smart security devices such as smart locks, smart alarms, motion sensors, and security cameras are essential to a safer home. Each smart device linked to your home can be accessed on your phone. That means you never have to worry about whether you forgot to lock the door again! Motion sensors even notify your phone when irregular movement is detected, leaving the owner feeling more secure about their home than ever before.

5. Set Up Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is yet another essential feature of a typical smart home. Just like with smart AC and smart security devices, smart lighting can be controlled directly from your smart phone. The Phillip Hue Starter Kit is a great tool for your very first smart home. The kit allows you to schedule your lights for when you are home or away, all easily controlled via the Hue Mobile App.

Here’s to building your dream smart home!

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