5 IoT App Development Industry Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2019

The exponential growth of IoT app development is transforming the way we interact with the world’s top industries. Now that companies have caught on to the power of IoT, or Internet of Things, nearly every major industry is discovering ways to implement these applications into their business model! Here are 5 ways industries are introducing this technology into their operations:

IoT in Smart Cities

Numerous cities across the world are introducing IoT apps to increase energy efficiency, safety, sustainability among many other objectives. Smart sensors helps cities collect data and uses it to manage assets and resources efficiently. The goal for participating cities is that ‘smart’ solutions will provide core infrastructure and will improve the quality of life of its citizens. It also saves money! For example, San Diego saves $250,000 in electricity costs per year with smart lighting. Smart lights only brighten as vehicles or pedestrians approach. Not too shabby!

IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare companies are also investing in IoT app development to improve quality of life and efficiency of its devices. Wearable devices like the VitalPatch Health Monitor can monitor users’ ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, fall detection and activity readings, just from their own homes. According to Research and Markets, wearable devices for vital signs monitoring are projected to grow to a $980M market by 2024, growing at 21.7% CAGR from 2019.

Travel with IoT

The automotive industry has begun to develop IoT enabled cars in order to improve navigation technology, entertainment, remote diagnostics, maintenance and emergency assistance. One example of this integrated technology is Geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is a feature in a software program that allows an administrator to set up virtual barriers. When a device enters (or exits) the boundaries defined by the administrator, an alert is issued. This technology is both cost-effective and holds many practical uses.

IoT in Agriculture

IoT app development has allowed farmers to work hand in hand with technology to help create a connected environment. Smart sensors help manage natural conditions like humidity, the temperature of the air, in addition to the quality of soil. One example of this technology is the Limpet Reader. The Limpet Reader, designed and develop by Tradebox Media, is a one-of-a-kind water management system that uses the very latest in BLE technologies to create an end to end system manage and also monitor water usage at source. The Limpet Reader provides a new standard in utility meter reading services for water, gas and electricity, the agriculture industry can easily improve the efficiency of its work.

Shop with IoT

Retail companies and internet of things are truly a match made in shopping heaven! By implementing IoT technology, stores can improve implementation of automated checkout, personalised discounts, as well as smart shelves. For example, retail companies like Macy’s use beacon technology to improve engagement with its customers. Macy’s, uses beacons to alert in-store shoppers to personalised promotions and discounts according to their location within the store. According to Swirl Networks Inc., over 70% of shoppers say beacon-triggered content and offers increased their likelihood to purchase in-store.

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