Why Do A Tech-Review Of Existing App

Your company has brought its long awaited vision of a certain application to life. Congrats! You may think that’s where the road ends with application development. However, an app tech-review by app developers deciphers whether your app is delivering the best results it possibly can.

Analysing 8 billion app installs worldwide from January 2018-July 2018, Adjust found that most apps get deleted in 5.8 days. Why is it that users abandon certain apps? Adjust found that users delete apps that they don’t use on a daily basis to free up storage space on their device or if the app to be too buggy.

That’s why teaming up with Tradebox Media for an app tech-review by app developers is smart for business! Tradebox Media reviews apps in the Beta testing phase or after your app is live on the app store. Tradebox Media evaluates both performance and user feedback on your app to provide a report on how it is performing. We then take any issues that have been discovered and categorise them into different levels of urgency and importance, along with a plan to resolve them.

Here are some things we look at during our tech-reviews:

Is the app easy for the user to navigate?
Are users able to quickly skip between different screens on the app or does it force the user to return back to the main menu?

Are certain features, such as a search bar, necessary to have on every page of the app?
While these features may be thought to be helpful for the user, they may only be used a majority of the time on one page of the app. Removing the feature from every single page may save some space to allow for more content to fill the screen.

Is the app accessible for all device types?
Does the app have the same look and functionality you have envisioned across different types of devices? An app designed for a mobile device will tend to look very different on the enlarged screen of an iPad or tablet.

If you would like to talk to us about an app tech-review by app developers on an application you are currently working on, or one that is currently publicly available, send an email to [email protected] and someone from the team will get back to you!

Tradebox Media are an award-winning software development agency based in Cardiff, UK.