5 Mobile Apps That Are Helping Users Create a More Energy-Efficient World

Most of us admit that there’s more we can do to conserve energy usage in our daily lives. With numerous energy consumption tracking apps on the market, energy efficiency and apps are going hand in hand to make the world more energy-efficient.

These 5 mobile applications show how energy efficiency and apps can intersect to change how we consume energy everyday:

Energy Consumption Analyzer – Android

The Energy Consumption Analyzerapp calculates the average rate of consumption for your home/business on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis. The app can also display your entire history of power consumption in an easy to read graph. In addition to this, users can highlight unusually high periods by colour coding. The app also calculates average rates between two readings of consumption per hour, day, week or month to create a graph showing energy usage over time as well as monetary value.

GoodGuide – iOs and Android

GoodGuide is a mobile app that makes it easy for users to find safe, ethical and environmentally-friendly products while shopping. The app contains data from the GoodGuide.com database. The database provides health, environmental and social performance ratings from over 50 scientific and regulatory professionals for more than 75,000 food, personal care and household products. All users have to do is scan the barcode of a product, and the GoodGuide ratings pop up!

Waze – iOs and Android

Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic app, has over 90 million monthly active users around the world. The app lets users share real-time traffic and road information with other drivers using the app. This includes police activity, accidents, road hazards, and traffic jams in their area. This real-time sharing of information saves everyone time, gas money and carbon emissions on their daily commute. Originally developed in Israel and acquired by Google for an astonishing $1.1 billion, Waze, has become a global solution to cut back gridlock and fuel costs.

FuelGood – iOs and Android

Created by Energy Saving Trust Scotland, FuelGood offers tips for users on how to drive more efficiently. FuelGood also includes a smart savings-calculator to work out what users could be saving on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. FuelGood uses GPS satellites to measure journey length, time taken per journey, average speed and average miles per gallon. The app also then lets drivers know how their average carbon emissions stack up, and the potential savings they could make by driving efficiently. The Energy Saving Trust estimates drivers can save up to two months’ worth of fuel off their yearly fuel bill – potentially worth £250 a year – by following these tips!

Love Food Hate Waste – iOS and Android

The Love Food Hate Waste app is a collective of ways to combat food wastage in the UK. The UK throws away £7 million tons of food and drink each year, or £12.5bn worth. Love Food Hate Waste contains meal planning functions, (‘My Kitchen’) to keep track of what’s in your cupboards and freezer. The app also includes loads of recipes to provide inspiration on meals to cook with your ingredients. With these tools, Love Food Hate Waste calculates that the average family of four could save £70 each month!

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