5 IoT Initiatives Improving the Renewable Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector has harnessed IoT technology towards creating more energy efficient, time efficient, and cost reducing systems. These systems stand to have an enormous impact on how industries operate.

Tradebox Media has embraced the creation of IoT renewable energy technology, such as our Limpet Reader water management system. Here are a few other renewable energy IoT initiative that are stand outs in their individual fields:

Agriculture: Agrisource Data – Field-centric Data

Agrisource Data leverages the power of intelligent in-field sensors to record detailed data. Some insights collected include water levels, soil moisture, in-field crop health, fuel levels, storage temperatures, and data analytics. These insights provide farmers with detailed crop and field information to ensure more efficient field management. This can also optimise water, electricity, nutrient, chemical, and fuel usage. According to Agrisource Data, 7 million litres of water has been saved by users and average yield increased by almost 10%.

Clean Energy: WattTime – Enterprise Level Control

WattTime continuously monitors and updates power data from grids and the EPA. It also allows smart devices to automatically switch to the cleanest energy supplier available. Users of WattTime-enabled devices can make better energy consumption decisions based on real-time data analysis. WattTime also allows clean energy grid users to competitively provide sustainable service and reach a wider range of renewable energy consumers.

Solar Power: Alencon Systems Field Architecture

Alencon Systems uses innovative solar field architecture, layout, and IoT-enabled technology to improve the performance of PV plants. In addition to this, it eliminates the costly disadvantages of conventional PV plants. Alencon Systems introduced a solution that combines the power of DC-DC optimisers, central inverters, and monitoring software. This solution helps get more energy and higher yield from solar fields. Alencon Systems has created a better way to generate, store and transmit solar power by harnessing IoT technology.

Water Preservation: Wexus App for Agriculture

The Wexus mobile app platform remotely connects to an AG irrigation system to track water consumption cost, monitor system health, and indicates maintenance needs. It also send alerts to the user on unusual behaviour like water well dropping level, extreme consumption points, and increased cost. Furthermore, Wexus’ analytics identify year-to-year patterns, determine high and low efficiency irrigation patterns, and recommend the best water consumption schedules. Wexus utilises high-end technology for data processing while supplying users with a simple, easy to understand platform.

Smart Buildings: Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting

Digital Lumens relies on rich IoT sensor data and software intelligence system to equip facilities with a centralised control platform. This platform also monitors the facilities to identify energy-saving opportunities and automatically preserves a secure and comfortable light environment. With help from sensor technology and streaming data analytics users can customise LED lighting to real-time changing needs. In addition to this, users can achieve light-related energy savings of up to 90%!

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