How Do You Re-Engage Inactive Mobile App Users

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve created a remarkable mobile App and have recorded an impressive amount of user downloads and onboarding. But now you face a new problem.

How do you keep these users engaged after they have installed your App?

This is arguably the most important question when it comes to building and sustaining your mobile App. Inactive users translates into lost revenue on in-app purchases and may also be a sign that your App has begun to lose its appeal to your target audience.

What’s the solution?

Depending on your App, the proper solution may lie in sending out emails and push notifications that “remind” the user about the App, or it could mean you need a systems analysis from a specialist to improve the UX of your App.

So if you’re ready, let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.


In general, finding the solution begins with identifying the problem. None of your users has the same level of understanding and knowledge about your App, which means that some users aren’t realising the full potential and therefore choose to disengage.

When users begin to cease engaging with your App, it may be a sign that they are dissatisfied with their experience so far. What this means is that you need to take steps to determine the issues with your App, through running analytics and using user information to gauge how well your App is being used and how it needs to be improved.

Specialists like Tradebox Media provide diagnostic services where they identify why your list of inactive users is growing and suggest relevant solutions to combat this. You’ll find that running your business becomes much easier when you work with a highly-experienced team that understands the fundamentals of a successful App and will apply this knowledge to re-engage your users.

Push Notifications and Email Marketing

On the other hand, some inactive users simply need a little encouragement to begin using your App more often. The good news is you can easily do this by sending out personalised emails or push notifications reminding users about the App and what it can do for them.

For example, you should also engage with your inactive users through sharing satisfied reviews from other users, which would serve as a demonstration of your App’s effectiveness. Once these inactive users begin engaging more, then you can also prompt them for a review in exchange for an incentive such as temporary access to premium features.

Besides requesting for user reviews, you may want to give users the option to leave feedback on your App. Whether this is positive or negative, it will give you a sense of what your App is doing well and what needs to be improved in order to re-engage inactive users.


If you’ve implemented the previous two steps but saw little or no success, you should consider whether your mobile App needs an upgrade. Perhaps your features are outdated, the design is too complicated, or the App is simply not functioning well. Whatever the reason, your next step should be to consult with a leading App developer such as Tradebox Media to resolve your issues and overhaul your current mobile App into a new and improved version.

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