3 Simple Ways to Draw New Users to your Mobile App

So you have an amazing mobile App with an adequate number of downloads and satisfied users. Problem is, you seem to have come to a standstill in your growth trajectory and aren’t acquiring nearly as many users as you were before.

Imagine for a moment that you suddenly began seeing the number of onboarded users grow exponentially, while you sat back and continued running your business.

Today’s your lucky day.

In this article you’ll find 3 tried and tested ways to effortlessly attract new users to your mobile App. Simply keep on reading to determine which strategy suits you the most and you’ll be well on your way out of this rut.

Mobile Marketing

It’s no secret that people have become increasingly mobile-oriented, which makes it an incredibly useful channel for App marketing. In fact, mobile email opens have grown by an unbelievable 180% in the past 3 years . What this means is you should focus on reaching potential users through mobile marketing, whether that be through email, ads or social media.

When you have the perfect combination of relevant content, eye-catching Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and copywriting technique, you’ll be unstoppable. These three features are key ingredients that encourage potential users to open their emails or click on ads, which results in a higher chance in them downloading your App.

What’s more, mobile marketing is incredibly cost-effective considering what you get out of it. One simple email can significantly increase your outreach to thousands of people. If you take it a step further and market your App to target demographics, then the likelihood of new users increases even further.

Smooth Onboarding

Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply have a great App. Once users have downloaded your App, it is essential that you have a bulletproof onboarding plan in place that optimises user experience and engagement. The right strategy will result in more new user sign-ups and increased usage of your App.

For instance, if you allow users to register through existing social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth, you just simplified the entire process down to a few seconds. This easy step has a large impact on encouraging users to onboard with your App and continue using it, as it promises a fast and efficient experience.

The simpler your App, the better.

Plus, once you have your new users you can simply send them a push notification that reminds them to review your App on the App Store. This gives a boost to your ratings and subsequently increases your visibility to potential users.

Design and Function

Lastly, it is absolutely vital that you ensure your App is at optimal condition at all times so that you don’t miss out on potential users. It may not seem like a huge loss, but these users would cost you good reviews, word-of-mouth marketing, and even revenue from purchases of premium features.

You can do this through usability testing or further integration with handy technologies such as Sabre or GDS that would vastly improve the capabilities of your mobile App.

This is the point where you should consider working alongside a company that specialises in mobile App optimisation, like Tradebox Media. Through our end-to-end services that include mobile integration and usability testing, we are able to that guarantee your App is operating at its maximum potential and you don’t lose out on potential users.

Tradebox Media are an award-winning software development agency based in Cardiff, UK.