Marketing your Mobile App

Nowadays, simply developing your mobile app isn’t enough. After developing your mobile app, the next crucial step and big question- is how will you market your mobile app? There are over 1.5 million mobile apps on both, Apple’s IOS store and Google’s Android store.

Owning an amazing app just isn’t enough anymore, you need to ensure its discoverable across both platforms (iOS and Android) and make its’ benefits explicit to the consumer. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the life cycle of your app, as the life cycle of your app can dictate your marketing strategy. Standing out from the digital crowd is has never been so crucial. Here are three marketing strategies that will provide your app with the jolt it needs.

Email Marketing

Email is and will continue to be an integral part of digital marketing strategies and the greatest aspect of email marketing is, it’s very cost effective. There are a variety of tools that you can use such as Drip, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor. Additionally, once you’ve started your Email marketing campaigns, you’ll have direct access to data. The data will help you gauge the success of the campaign, by revealing the number of clicks your emails have received and the number of people opening your emails.

But that’s not it! Email marketing can be dynamically used throughout all stages of your app. Email marketing can be used at launch to reach a wider audience. emails can be used at pre-launch to create anticipation for your release. Lastly, you can use emails for targeted messaging. Targeted messaging will be where you’ll receive the bulk of your consumer usage because of GDPR. Although GDPR has shaken a few foundations in terms of data collection and email marketing. One of its’ overlooked advantages is, it will allow business to see who’s really interested. The same notion goes for app developers. Double down on your strength and audience.

Content Marketing

As we’ve mentioned before, app developers need to apply a significant amount of the creativity towards content marketing. Content marketing can range from articles, blogs, video and podcast. The beauty of content marketing is, it’s dynamic. Creating content for app and presenting it to our target audience will elicit far emotional investment from their end, than simply using traditional advertisement methods.

More importantly, ensure you develop mobile ready content, so your target audience aren’t inconvenienced by your content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

So, you’ve got your email and content marketing strategies ready, the last step into your plan should be social media marketing. You’ve utilised multiple channels to get the notoriety your app up. Social media will ensure your presence is felt by an array of people. Utilising Hootsuite will ensure yore able to keep up with social media engagement and allow you to schedule postings.

Get your app started today by utilising these three marketing techniques. Each of these techniques balance and complement each other, when used together. If you’ve got the appetite for growing your app further, feel free to contact us.

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