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The evolution of the digital world has changed marketing strategy and business models. Businesses often had linear approaches in terms of their marketing strategy, often utilising billboards, radio, magazines and television advertising to promote their products or brand images. Fast-forward to today, marketing has changed dramatically. The relationships between consumers and brands are fickler, which reflects the change in the consumers needs. The archaic marketing strategies often emphasised the 4 P’s (Product, Promotions, Place and price). However, the evolution of the digital world has altered the consumers perspectives on their own product consumption. Consumers want to be sold lifestyles and not products anymore.

This is where content marketing comes in. The emergence of content marketing derives directly from the evolution of the digital world and the increased usage of IOS and Android mobile applications. In a nutshell; content marketing enables businesses to deliver informative and valuable information to its’ potential or current app users. Content is game changer in terms of consumer engagement. The beauty of content marketing is there are no restrictions in the type of content that can increase consumer engagement in your application. Utilising blog articles, websites and social media are effective was of increasing consumer engagement for your app. However, with the digital marketing you cannot neglect visual or audio content- video, podcast, eBooks, slides and infographics. These are all effective tools that generate application engagement and enable the possibility of brand and consumers having stronger relationships. At Tradebox Media we’ll provide detailed information during the development of your application.

Why do you need it?

Content marketing is an essential tool for app developers. Your goal as an app marketer, should always be centred around finding new users and maintaining the users you already have. The most effective way of achieving those goals is to provide regular and valuable content for your users and potential users. People value content because their own application activity is predicated on experience. By providing valuable content, you’re providing valuable app experience for your consumers. It’s a win-win.

Beat your competitors to the punch

Optimising your content marketing strategy effectively is important as mentioned above. However, implementing your content via email, AdWords, social media or other marketing channels as soon as it’s ready is just as important. Getting your content out there will allow you to gauge the value of your content and success of your marketing strategy. The worst trap to fall under is paralysis by analysis because of the range of digital tools available. Getting your content out there ahead of your competitors allows you to be first in line for news users. Moreover, you’ll be able to repeat successful strategies and optimise your time and your distribution market. Digital marketing optimisation is a key factor to successful campaigns. Measuring digital marketing optimisation can be assessed through Google Analytics, Moz, Hootsuite and Adobe marketing cloud.

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