GDPR’s Impact on Mobile Applications

Data is the technological footprint that indicates consumer behaviour and activity on mobile applications. In technology, data is central to digital marketing and mobile app development. Processing data to indicate particular gaps in the market for mobile app development is a crucial step into indicating the most effective marketing strategies. The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) regulates how consumer data is managed by businesses.

What is GDPR?

Prior to the introduction of GDPR on May 25th, 2018; businesses collected and processed an enormous amount of data about their consumers. Businesses were able to collect copious amount of data because the data protection laws, prior to the GDPR were established by the EU in 1995. That’s twenty-three years of data being processed freely by corporate companies and SME’s. The evolution of the digital world wasn’t anticipated by the EU’s data protection laws in 1995. GDPR is the EU’s new approach to online privacy. It puts consumers first, believing they should be protected and empowered, rather than exploited or ignored. GDPR’s new approach to data protection is the EU’s way of keeping companies big and small more accountable for their actions.

GDPR’s Impact on mobile app development

GDPR will impact three major aspects of mobile app development and digital marketing strategies:

• Data permission – People who request to receive promotional material from you. Businesses can no longer assume that they’re consumers want to be contacted about promotional offers or company newsletters. Consumers need to express their consent in a ‘freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous’ way, which is reinforced by a ‘clear affirmative action’. Customers, partners, etc. need to physically confirm that they want to be contacted.

• Data access – The introduction of the GDPR offers individuals a method to gain more control over how their data is collected and used – including the ability to access or remove it – in line with their right to be forgotten. Practically speaking, this can be as straightforward as including an unsubscribe link within your email marketing template.

• Data focus – Marketers, can all be guilty of collecting a little more data from a person than we actually need. Ask yourself, do I really need to know someone’s favourite movie before they can subscribe to our newsletter? Utilising data effectively requires removing unnecessary and uninformative data.

What does GDPR mean for mobile?

Firstly, mobile apps are included into the GDPR’s regulations. As mobile app developers, Tradebox Media offer a range of IT systems to deliver services to our clients. GDPR’s legislation means app developers need to be cautious and ensure the tools they use don’t violate GDPR’s legislation.

How we can help

At TradeBox Media, we’re focused on nuances of data protection. Putting data privacy at top of our objectives when we develop our client’s apps. We work closely with our clients, to ensure their understanding of GDPR’s legislation and the impact the legislation will have on their app and marketing strategies.

If you would like to ensure your current mobile app is compliant with the regulations of GDPR, please feel free to contact us.

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