Story of an Internship: Cardiff, Two Sides Of A Coin

It’s been over a month since I arrived in Cardiff. In this short time I’ve discovered many aspects of the city and also about the work I’m doing during my internship at Tradebox Media.

Let’s talk about work

As for my work experience here, it’s been very productive. Every single day I’m faced with new challenges and I’m learning new things. The app development sector is something completely new and unknown to me. Well it’s gradually becoming more known to me and, I have to confess, that it’s becoming quite attractive. I’ve learnt that app development makes it easier to access to every company’s most useful information, many apps don’t need internet access, the content is optimised… if you don’t believe me, you should read the posts I have been publishing over the last month.

Sometimes things turn into something complicated but with an enthusiastic attitude, determination and perseverance everything can be achieved. It’s true that everyone (including the people of Applingua) chip in to make everyday more manageable.

The other side of the story.

Regarding Cardiff as a city; as many others, it has its good things and its less good ones. I already wrote about it in my last post but the kindness of everyone is still a surprise. I think I could easily get used to it.

You’re probably wondering then, what is the negative aspect of this city? Actually there isn’t anything bad, it’s just that traditions are different. The worst thing that has happened to me is that I tried without success to open a bank account. You need one for everything. Even to join to the gym. If I didn’t join the gym, that wouldn’t be a drama because I think that the best way to know a place is wandering.

One of the big differences that I noticed is at lunch time on work days. People spend too less time to have lunch in a healthy way. Then, what is the solution? Fast and cheap food. And that’s not a quality sign. I’m coming from a country and mostly from a region (Basque Country) where having lunch is a ritual and an art and we are concerned about quality. Therefore we feel really proud of our Mediterranean diet. For that reason I prefer cooking everyday; bringing my own meal to try and keep a healthy diet – but with an intern budget this is quite difficult.

Art and culture – a constant in Cardiff

I’ve written at length about this; Cardiff is a city which moves with an artistic outlook. During October and November the “Cardiff Contemporary” festival took place where many artists gathered from every discipline. This festival has been developed in partnership with Cardiff’s visual art, design and architecture communities. In this way, it has recognised the city’s wealth of creative talent and activity, and has promoted Cardiff as a platform for a collective, creative vision.

And almost coinciding with the end of the festival, Christmas time began with the lights being turned on on Friday 11th November – Lighting up the city giving colour and a burst of joy.

Cardiff, the restless city.

Let’s see how December behaves with me and what it brings me!

Oh! Merry Christmas!

Tradebox Media are an award-winning software development agency based in Cardiff, UK.