Business Apps; Why Companies Must Create

Amaya Lopez writes about how create business apps can help companies.

Mobile devices as essential information tools for business apps

With a penetration rate of 130%,  the UK leads other European countries in their regular use of smartphones. Consumer’s behaviour has changed and and buying decisions are influenced more and more by their mobile behaviour.

The app market continues to grow and, according to a research made by Statista, it’s estimated that in 2017 people will download more than 268.69 billion apps.

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have become essential tools when the time comes to search for information; computers have shifted into the background. That’s not surprising considering that their sales have doubled since last year.

For this reason, any and every company should be in the market; not only to hook potential new clients but to promote loyalty and solidify their current relationships. Creating a more robust and stronger relationship with their present customers. They should carry the company in their pocket.

Accessing the company details immediately and enjoying real time comms are just two advantages of developing an app.

Many companies are wondering why they should create an app if they already have responsive web because web applications use HTML5 and they open with a browser. That means that you can open them from any device with a data connection and a browser function. The benefit is that only one “application” is developed at the same time and it’s opened on any device. However, much of the phone’s functionality cannot be harnessed in the same way as a native build.

Cross-platform vs native applications

A native application is developed specifically for each one of platforms. That means they use different languages. As an example, in 2012 Facebook had only a HTML5 app. They needed to develop a native one to improve its user experience and increase engagement.

10 reasons to have an app

1.- Always present
When users use their phones, the brand is there and subconsciously in their minds.

2.- Always available
An app has an immediate use, not like responsive web.

3.- It gives you intimacy

4.- Adapted interface
It allows you to use the phone’s features optimally.

5.- Optimised content
The content isn’t the same as on the website. The goal is keep the app installed on the phone so the content should be optimised, avoiding things that the user doesn’t want.

6.- Business apps add strength a brand’s value
An app gives companies technological and dynamic innovation and it’s important to innovate and to utilise the advantages of being in the market which has such an exponential growth.

7.- Presence on App stores

8.- Differentiation

9.- Push notifications
They’re messages sent from a server to user’s smartphones. It’s similar to an SMS but without a cost.

10.- It creates an exclusive relationship
When we talk about apps, creativity knows no limits. It’s important to build a connection between Users and the content provider: for example an app that allows users the opportunity to collaborate; publishing articles, pictures or videos.

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