Story of an Internship

Internship destination: Cardiff

I consider myself as a world citizen. I don’t like to be the typical tourist. In my opnion to get a grant to do an internship is a very enriching experience which everyone should have.

Not only does it allow me to get to know another place, its culture and its population. But also to put into practice its language and apply the knowledge acquired in university and during my previous working life.

Thanks to the collaboration between Cardiff Start and Fomento San Sebastián, I have come to the Welsh capital to work at app development company Tradebox Media. During my short time in the city, I have already enjoyed a few of the many activities that it offers. First I went to The National Museum Cardiff and the Quentin Blake exhibition. Then I was at Brickstock Festival, about music, food and culture (organised by my Airbnb hostess). And Finally I was in a real Halloween party and many other things. It’s a city in which there’s no place for boredom.

When I knew that I was going to spend six months here I started to enquire into the city, its customs and those typical things that everyone looks before the trip. In the middle of my hunt I contacted with a group on Facebook called “Españoles en Cardiff” (Spaniards in Cardiff). They really helped me with their recommendations regarding to paperwork to open a bank account, warnings in relation to renting a room… Things that work completely different in Spain!

Knowing other culture

I also knew that apart from English, in Wales people speak Welsh but I wasn’t aware of the importance of this language. In some way it’s a similar situation to the one in Basque Country, where I come from, whose local language is Basque. In both countries people are bilingual and every sign is in both languages.

When Fomento San Sebastián told me that I was selected to come to Cardiff, I was a little bit worried. Some months ago, that United Kingdom in general and Wales in particular, had voted in favour of “Brexit”. I wasn’t very sure of what was going to happen: Could I come here would the grant cancel? What attitude would have Welsh people to me as a foreigner?. I should not have worried.

Nothing happened and, in fact, everyone treated me wonderfully. From my Airbnb hostess to the kind police woman who attended me. I was lucky enough to live in different countries (Germany, Portugal and Chile) previously and I have to say that Cardiff is an extraordinary city because of its warmth and affability.

And after almost a week living as a tourist and it came time to start making the most of this internship . It’s a pleasure to say that everyone is very nice from the very first time. They’re making my first day very easy and comfortable.

My adventure in Cardiff has only just started… Pay attention to the next post!

Tradebox Media are an award-winning software development agency based in Cardiff, UK.