Meetings Apps; Make Meetings Better

We drew upon using meetings apps briefly in our recent blog post about document management apps, but we wanted to go into some more detail.

The convenience and practicality of using a meetings app enables easy access to the resources attendees will need, via their mobile device, making them available anywhere, anytime, as well as saving them time, and better preparing them for the meeting ahead. An app allows remote staff to engage with the meeting too. There are various things you could incorporate into your meeting app – here’s just a handful.

Time and location

A good feature to start with is the time and place of the meeting – location mainly needed for meetings that involve external attendees, who may need an address and directions. A feature for this information is a great way to reduce late arrivals.


With an agenda of the meeting’s outline available, attendees can prepare themselves for the meeting. If you wanted to give your attendees access to further information on your meeting’s discussion points, you could list them with external links to documents.

Prep work

If your meeting requires prep work, and to ensure your emailed information doesn’t get lost, you could include a feature in which you can upload all of the prep work information and documents. This will ensure that everyone has seen it and done the necessary work. With mobile access, your attendees can do so during ‘dead’ hours, like on their commute, for example.

Document library

With a document library, not only can your attendees access the documents and media they need, as and when. Meeting leaders could also access, display, and run documents and presentations straight from the app during the meeting, maintaining the meeting’s flow. This is also a useful way of showing documents to clients. With an E-signature functionality, they could even sign directly in the app.

Taking notes

The ability to take notes allows attendees to make them as they go, and they’re able to simply email themselves a copy later. It also provides a more efficient way to take minutes, which can then pushed to attendee’s mobile devices.

Live polls

Often you need your attendees’ input on a motion or idea during the meeting. With a meetings apps you can feature a live poll which can be voted on then and there. It provides you with instant, automatic results and feedback, and allowing for the rest of your meeting to progress accordingly.

Feedback and analytics

On a similar note, meetings apps enable you to collect feedback and analytics on the meeting. You could create a survey to get your attendees’ thoughts on the points raised in the meeting. You can also find out how they are using the app. Besides, you could also get data on how the app is being used with analytics such as Google Analytics.


However you decide to use your meetings apps, there are no doubt many benefits they have. If you’re looking for a meetings app, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to chat.

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