Facilities Management Apps for an Improved Workplace

Richard Thomas writes about how management apps can help companies.

When you’re in charge, it can be difficult to assist and advise your employees at all hours. Whether they can’t find what they’re looking for, or they’ve encountered an error that they can’t resolve themselves. Finding and maintaining an efficient way to help your employees out can be tricky.

With mobile apps, employees are able to find the information they need easily, without having to call on you always. There are some particular management apps that are worth considering.

Service request app

A service request app enables employees to make requests to whichever department they need via their mobile device. This allows to cut down on paper work, and eliminate searching for the right contact information for the relevant department. It can also makes things much easier for the support team, who with their mobile device, can move from one task to another without having to return to their office.

Office app

Particularly good for companies who have more than one office or branch. An office app can be a useful resource for employees travelling from one office to another, or to find out everything they need to know: including contact information, opening hours, travel information, and much more.

Reporting and tracking app

Cut down on paper work and time spent writing up documents with a reporting and tracking app. With this app, information can be quickly uploaded to a database, such as health and safety checks, incident reports, and more.

Catering app

Who doesn’t look forward to eating? If your company has a cafeteria, how about creating a catering app? With catering app employees could have access to daily menus and with options to make an order. They could also find out the cafeteria’s opening times and plan breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings.

Directory app

Directory app does what it says on the tin, but though seemingly the most simple of apps, it’s perhaps the most used amongst company employees. With lists of contacts and services, technical information, for all your employee’s requirements, everything is available at the touch of a screen.

Business continuity app

In the case of an emergency, a business continuity app allows work to resume no matter where an employee is. This permit having access to all the documents and information they need, and enabling communication to stay open with other employees. Besides, that allows us to make available emergency contact information and guides on how to best deal with their situation.


These are just several options for facilities management apps, with so many possibilities for what could be achieved. If you’re looking to make things a little more efficient, why not get in touch, and let’s see how we can help.

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