Document Management Apps: Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

Richard Thomas writes about how document management apps can help companies.

Most businesses are still using the intranet as a place to store company documents and resources for employee access. With more employees required to be out on business trips and at meetings, etc. The intranet being very difficult, if not impossible to access out of the office or on a mobile device. This private network is quickly becoming an impractical hub for such information to be kept, and as a result is slowing down productivity.

You’ll be glad to know there is a way to solve this problem and it’s called document management app. These kind of apps allow you to keep company documents and information in one place. Besides, they permit easily accessed by employees who own a mobile device, which, let’s face it, these days is everyone.

Out of the office and on the go

This app is not only a great way for employees to access documents, but it can also edit and submit documents. Employees can also do this without internet connection, and are able to work at any time and anywhere. Such accessibility makes it easy for your employees to access documents when they need to recall certain product or information. You could also use a document library to provide customers company comparisons, etc, with a customer-facing app.

In a meeting

Easy to use in any location, business meetings can be improved with the convenience of a document management app. This app has the ability to access documents as … With a touch of the screen you can present documents, projects, or ideas to the rest of the meeting’s members, share contracts with e-signature functionality. The employees are able to refamilarise themselves with any necessary information before the meeting.

At your event

Document management is also a really useful feature to include in your event app, It allows your event attendees to purely access documents, presentations, and media, that are relevant. You could add further value to your event by making everything available post-event too. Read more about events apps here.

With clients

Centralising all relevant documents in one place for clients and prospects to access instantly can be highly beneficial. Besides, this can make processes between you much more efficient, allowing you both to keep track of communications, projects, and update one another with news and changes. Read more about using apps to create better relationships with clients here.


With a document management app, your company will see an increase in employee productivity. There are so many possibilities with a document management app that you could really do whatever you want, offering an efficient and highly accessible dynamic to your relationships with not just your employees, but your customers and clients too.

If you’re looking to make improvements for your company, either internally or externally, and you’re considering a document management app bespoke to your company’s needs, we can certainly help. Get in touch today, we’d be happy to chat.

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