Apps to Create Better Relationships With Your Clients

Richard Thomas writes about how some apps can create better clients relationships.

Why is important to improve clients relationships

Mobile apps are a great way to connect with customers, improving their experience and helping you to improve your brand. Customers are engaging with brands via apps more and more, so to sit out on this one really would be a missed opportunity for your company. With that, here’s some information to make the most of apps, and to choose the right one for you.

Service or product review apps

Make information easy to find with a service or product overview app, notifying customers of updates with push notifications, and offering service, product, and sales information. This kind of app also enables you to upload media such as videos and images. You could create a service gallery, enabling your customers to browse what’s on offer, or even a walkthrough video. Other benefits include the option to create buy it now buttons, so your customers can purchase instantly from the app. You could also include feedback forms, product support, and a directory.

Sales support apps

Sales support app can host a range of different information and media, but directed towards your prospects. An app like this could also include interactive diagrams and supporting documents, giving your company an edge.

With this app, salespeople can familiarise and re-familiarise themselves with your products and services, enabling them to make informative sales. In this app clients have the option to sign contracts directly on the device. You could also create a price comparison feature, so your salespeople can promote the great value of your products or services. They can also log lead information on the app in a central database, cutting down on transfer time.

Business case apps

Business case app provides prospect clients with important information helping them understand your company and what you’re selling. The app could include contract and contact details, feedback and support options. Besides, this app cans serve as a platform to highlight the many benefits your company offers, as well as outlining ROI, which the client can access directly.

Client communications apps

As the name suggests, these apps give clients the opportunity for direct communication with you to discuss any issues about a project. They allow direct reports to be sent from you to your client.

You could also keep all information and documents centralised on the app, allowing direct access for your client, and enable push notifications whenever new information is available.

Content marketing apps

Using an app, the possibilities for the content you could market are many. You could provide newsletters, special offers, competitions, and much more, directly and efficiently. A content marketing app gives you the opportunity to engage with your clients on a more expansive and dynamic level. They allow you offering unique information, and at the same time creating sales and increasing brand awareness.

With mobile apps growing in popularity and in what they can do for business, an app can go a long way in building and strengthening relationships with your clients. If you’re looking to take advantage of a mobile app to improve clients relationships, why not get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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