How Internal Communications and Industry and Corporate News Apps Are Working Together

Internal communications apps have many great benefits for businesses, including instant access, increased productivity, engagement, and interactivity, faster business processes, and, with analytics and other software, greater insight into the way your employees are using the app, allowing for any necessary improvement. They can also deliver relevant industry and corporate news straight to your employees’ mobile devices in a fast and efficient manner, keeping them up-to-date, and saving everyone the hassle of an un-user friendly newsletter, with an app that is engaging as much as it is visually attractive.

The instant access of a mobile app, and the ability to access it anytime, anywhere, increases how much your employees will be consuming content. Whether they are waiting for the tube, or waiting for their coffee, for whatever reason they may have time on their hands, they are able to use that spare time doing extra for your company.

Your industry and corporate news app could contain relevant and important web content, which can be pulled from various sources, including RSS feeds, and company news. These two efficient elements alone make an app a much more enticing alternative to the Intranet, which isn’t half as accessible, with less access to shared documents, and less navigable.

News apps aren’t only a great way to inform and engage with employees. They can also be beneficial in engaging with your clients though selected content marketing, to offer them add-ons, for example. This ongoing value that you are offering your clients will help maintain your relationship them, whilst also increasing brand awareness. You could provide your clients with RSS feeds, PDF guides, quizzes, or blog posts, as well as running competitions, as just a number of the possibilities available to you, inviting your clients to engage more with your brand.

This engagement can then be analysed for collected data on how your clients are using your app, with which, along with user feedback, you are then able to personalise the app further, ensuring it meets your clients’ needs.

An internal collaboration platform can be set up to enable knowledge sharing amongst your employees in a similar fashion to the functions social media offers. As well as offering direct news updates to your employees and clients, you could also keep track of external media sources with internal corporate news and the latest company announcements.

Internal communication apps also complement emails. Emails are the industry standard for communication, so rather than replace them with something like a chat room app, which doesn’t quite function in the same way, an internal communication app could send out push notifications of new messages awaiting your employees. It could also enable an automatic ‘reply all’ function in group conversations, saving anyone missing out on important industry and corporate news information and updates should someone forget to click that button.

Overall, an industry and corporate news app can be highly beneficial to your company, keeping everyone updated, as well as providing your clients with extra value, and encouraging further personal development amongst your employees.

If you think an industry and corporate news app is the way forward for your business, why not get in touch, and find out how we can help.

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