Events Apps: Make it an Event to Remember

Events apps are quickly becoming the most popular apps in the enterprise world. As more and more people require instant access to information, it’s understandable that events apps are so successful, immediately making your employees, customers, or clients aware of your event, and giving them all the details they need. Events apps are not only highly accessible and effective, they are financially beneficial too, with immediate ROI, and saving on the cost of printing, etc, all the while increasing attendee engagement.

Choosing the right features

When developing an events app that is right for your business, it’s important to consider the features you will need. A personal itinerary, venue map, push notifications, social media feeds, session content, speaker bios, travel information, and a sponsor listing are just some of the many features you could include, as well as a feature to enhance networking. However, we recommend selecting features that fit the objective of your event, keeping it simple and user friendly, and ensuring your content is mobile-friendly. You should also consider the ROI of each individual feature, and how much value it is going to add.

In this day and age, our mobile device is always to hand. Even at events where there are lots of things going on, attendees are still spending a lot of time interacting with their mobile device, which is why you should be cashing in on this great chance to increase engagement which, when done right, can last beyond the event itself.

Events apps vary in price, and native apps tend to be more expensive, as opposed to a mobile website. A native app can be downloaded on to the device, rather than having to be opened in a browser. Although branding an app to your company with the appropriate colours, fonts, etc, can also increase the price, it does mean it will be familiar to users.

Keeping them updated

Another advantage of using an app to keep your attendees updated both before and during the event, is that you can instantly update information, meaning if the time of your event changes at the last minute, or a new speaker has been added to the bill, for example, your attendees are always in the loop. An app that you are able to update yourself as and when you need to is the ideal, as you can do things on your own watch and avoid delays in information being made available.

Offline is the best line

We’d recommend an events app that is available offline too. Otherwise, with the possibility of no 3G connection, or slow loading times, any updates you make could go unnoticed, and your app could even become useless, and a waste of money.


It’s important that not only your business, but your attendees too, are getting great value from your events app. As well as meeting your requirements, great customer service is important too, pointing you in the right direction, and helping your app run smoothly.

Whether you require an app for internal company use, or for public use for iOS or Android, feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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