jamie olivers recipesThis Friday is Valentines Day, love it or hate it – there’s generally no avoiding it.  I thought it would be appropriate then to take a look at a relevant Valentines app which even if you’re not a fan of the 14th of February every year, you might still find quite useful.  We went for Jamie Oliver’s Recipes app – something to help you make the perfect meal for two, or the perfect meal for one, this weekend.

The app is free to download, and once you open it for the first time you’re welcomed by a video of Jamie himself telling you all about how to use the app in his usual enthusiastic way.  Get past this and you’re presented with a selection of recipe ‘packs’, the first one is the taster pack, a selection of 10 recipes and three videos which you can flick through free of charge.  For all of the other packs you’ll need to pay to get access to, this works on a subscription basis, one month costing £1.99 and 6 months £7.99.  It’s all done via in-app purchase so there’s no need to get out your credit or debit card

Aside from all of the recipes that you get with the app, there’s a really neat shopping list function which when you pick a recipe, the app will automatically populate a shopping list for you. Making it really simple to get everything you need when nipping to the shops.  Alongside this there’s a separate section to watch a selection of HD video content and an RSS feed with news and updates.

All together, Jamie Oliver has put together a really nice, user friendly, informative app.  When you consider how much you would spend on one of his cookery books, the price he’s put on his recipes is really fair, especially when you look at how much you get.  Strictly speaking, this isn’t a Valentines app, but the selection of recipes you’ll get will help anyone get through this Friday night.