Jelly App IconThis week’s reviewed app comes from co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, and is quite unsurprisingly a new social network.  The app is called Jelly and it’s actually a really interesting idea, rather than just being a platform for people to share photos of their lunch, their pets and their new lift record at the gym; Jelly is for you to ask questions relating to the photo you’ve just taken.

To get started with the Jelly app, you need to register it with either your Facebook or Twitter account (or both if you feel so inclined).  If, like most people, you’re hesitant about registering your social media presence with endless amounts of online services you shouldn’t worry; Jelly doesn’t post on your wall / feed (unless you explicitly tell it to do so), it only needs to access your accounts to get information about your friends and which of them are currently using Jelly.  It doesn’t just look at your friends though, it also looks at all of your friends of friends to get the maximum range of people to ask questions to and receive answers from.

Every question you ask requires an image, this can either be one you take through the app, one in your image library or one directly from Google Images.  Once you’ve got your photo you can crop it and put your question next to it ready to share to all of your Jelly app contacts.  Expect the usual influx of joke answers that you would get from any other social network, but for everyone that gives you a helpful answer you can thank them for it.  A counter at the bottom will keep track of how many thanks you’ve received and an activity log will show you where you’ve received them from.

If you want to answer someone else’s question, flick through the panels to see if you can, or swipe the tile down to delete it from your stream.  If you can’t answer the question but know someone who might, there is the option to forward the question onto someone else.  There is the option to share your own answer (or anyone elses) to Facebook, Twitter or email if you’d like to.

Overall it’s a really good idea, it’s only in its infancy at the moment though so it will be an interesting one to keep an eye on over the coming months to see how the network and community progresses and see if this will be another major social network like Snapchat or just a passing Fad like so many other new social networks.