kscope imageThis weeks app of the week is something a little bit different.  Normally we pick out something which is going to help you be more productive, or something which will help you save time, or quite often something that will just run in the background for you to look back at later.  I’ve picked out Kscope as the app of the week though, simply because it’s a lot of fun.

As you might guess from the name, it’s a photography app for giving your photo’s a kaleidoscopic effect.  It’s a really simple app to use, you just need to open it up, sign up either using your email address or through Facebook, select from six different filter types and away you go.  You can adjust the filters to give different levels of distortion on a sliding scale, giving you plenty of options to create different types of effect.

It’s not just photos that you can create though, Kscope also lets you create short videos with your chosen effect.  The app responds to light, movement and colours through the camera, which gives loads of different style of effect and some really interesting patterns, although spend too much time on it and you can quite easily start to feel a bit sea sick.

Once you’ve made your image or video, upload it to the shared galleries (there’s a few different options including ‘Art, Architecture, Fashion and Just For Fun’.)  You can have a browse through these to see what other people have created and  share the photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for your friends without the app to see what you’ve created.

One of the only criticisms I would have about Kscope is that you can’t ‘like’ or comment on other peoples creations in the built in gallery.  It’s not a major thing at all, but might be worth looking at for any later versions.

Kscope is a project by Bournemouth Arts University and is free to download.