Puma Trac Fitness AppAs we’re rapidly approaching the winter now, it seems like a bit of an odd time to be launching a fitness app as people generally only decide to start running either when it gets warm or on New Years Day.  However after my summer of BBQs and pub garden lunches, it’s really time for me to start running again.  When I saw this app from Puma had been launched I had to take a look at it.

PUMATRAC is a fitness app which will monitor your distance traveled, calories burned as well as analysing what other factors can influence your run.  For example it will let you know on which days you run faster or longer, if you’re playing music through your phone while running, you will find out what genre is best for you.  It also monitors the weather so you can find out if it’s the sun or the rain that makes you run more.  There is an element of gamification to it, by giving you a score for your run it’s easier for you to compare with your friends who also use the app.

Featuring a social login option as well as just signing up using your email address, PUMATRAC will let you share your run details through Facebook or Twitter.  If you have a Pebble Smartwatch you can link it to work with the app, unfortunately though we don’t have one here so I couldn’t find out what functionality it adds to the app.

The design of it is really slick, lots of bold black text on a white background, which does make a nice change from all the colours that you see everywhere else with iOS 7.  For anyone who’s looking to get fit, it’s well worth downloading to try out.  It’s completely free and the insights can be quite helpful to let you optimise your run, you may find out unexpectedly that you run best on Thursday afternoons, listening to hip-hop, in the rain.