Kids Section of iTunes ConnectThis week Apple launched two new iPhones, which we have taken a look at in our post about  the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.  This also marks the launch of Apple’s new iOS 7 which will be available to download on the 18th of September.  As well as being a complete redesign of the mobile operating system, Apple have changed some quite important changes to iTunes Connect (the Apple developers portal).  One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the new kids section of iTunes Connect.

This new kids section will allow developers to specify whether the app they are submitting is suitable for “ages 5 and under, ages 6,8, ages 9,11 or not suitable for kids”.  Only one age category can be selected per app so developers are going to have to be quite specific about which age group they are targeting when they are building their apps. All apps that are currently in the app store and aimed at kids will have to be re-submitted to specify the age category they are targeted towards.

The main change that developers will have to make for all apps that are developed in future to be listed in the kids section of iTunes is that each one must now have a privacy policy.  Whereas before having a privacy policy on apps was optional, now it is an essential part of having an app listed in the kids section of the app store.

The opportunities that this is going to open up for children, parents and schools is yet to be fully explored, but as Apple have started trying to position themselves quite strongly in the Education sector, this could mean really big things for children who use iPads as an educational tool.  This is coming at the same time as Apple letting people under the age of 13 have their own iTunes accounts if they have been prompted to get one by an educational body.

We’ll see in the coming months exactly what this new kids section is going to be used for, but it’s exciting times as Apple launch their new ‘low cost’, colourful iPhone 5C, aimed presumably at children.