Wimbledon Accompaniment AppThis week was the start of Wimbledon and this year the world famous tennis competition has got a second screen app to accompany the live coverage.  Whether you’re a lover of Andy Murray or Rafa Nadal, you’ll want to keep up to date with all of the latest news wherever you are, and this accompaniment app solves that problem.  Second Screen apps are becoming common practice these days, as you can see from one of our previous app of the week reviews for the Eurovision App.

This app is like having Boris Becker in your pocket. Suitable for anyone, either with just a passing interest in the tennis or someone who wants a detailed insight into the tournament.  The news, live scores, results and order of play are all sorted by date. A quick tap on each of the menu icons will bring up today’s information and it’s easy to flick back and look through yesterdays going-ons.

Selecting the ‘more’ button will bring up a whole new menu, where you can view player profiles including every statistic you could ever want to know about them, turn on live alerts which will notify you via push notification of any important events which you select.  One of the best functions though is the live view, which allows you to watch or listen to the tennis as it unfolds, so if you’re nowhere near a TV, you can watch or listen to it through your phone.  A shop has been built into the app which allows you to buy any merchandise directly, so if you just have to have a Wimbledon towel – you know where to look.

All together it’s one of the best accompaniment apps I’ve seen, the amount of content that is included is second to none, the live streaming feature is fantastic for anyone who isn’t near a TV (it’s interesting that you don’t need a TV license for it either).  There really are no recommendations I could think to make about the app, it’s a must have for anyone who is even remotely interested in the Tennis.