Zooz Retail App Payment SDKA while ago we spoke about integrating PayPal into apps for in app purchases, not for unlocking new parts of the app or buying add-on’s to games, but for the purchase of physical items through apps.  At the time we weren’t aware of anything that was as easy to use as PayPal inside a retail app from the customer’s point of view and easy to implement for developers.

We think we may now have found the solution, it’s called Zooz.  Despite having a terrible name ( it made me think of an urban zoo at first glance and a quick Google will bring up a tattoo shop in Portsmouth in the top 5 results).  It is however a full payment solution integration SDK, allowing people to not only pay by Paypal, but also pay by credit card using one touch payments.  It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with apps on iOS and Android either into the native code or into the HTML5 aspect.

The first time a customer uses Zooz to create a payment app they will obviously need to enter their details, however this will effectively set them up with an account.  So the next time they pay for anything using the Zooz SDK across any app that uses it, they will be able to use simple, one touch payment.  Multiple cards and PayPal accounts can be stored so the method of payment can be selected with the swipe of a finger.  Because of this it’s great for customers and retailers, purchases can be made simply and easily, without having to enter that painfully easy to forget 3d secure code with cards or a password with Paypal.  All of this should increase conversion rates and also customer satisfaction levels, leading to more repeat business.  Developers are going to love it too, simply because of how easy it is to integrate with any app.  The code is surprisingly simple for a payment SDK (less than 20 lines of code are pretty much all you need).

The only concern I would have with Zooz is the security aspect of being able to make one touch purchases from your phone.  People still to this day don’t put passwords on their phones, making their e-mails, personal phone numbers and more than likely their pin number (saved in notes, under ‘pin number’ normally) easily accessible to anyone who steals or finds their phone.  By allowing one touch payments, any unscrupulous individual who happens to get their hands on an a phone with a Zooz integrated app installed will easily be able to make fraudulent payments.  The obvious solution to this though is for retailers who use Zooz to not ship to any address other than the registered card address.