Onavo Logo iPhone security appOnavo Protect –  Iphone Only – Free – Download here

Onavo protect helps you to keep your personal information safe while browsing the web using your iPhone.  It will keep all of your passwords, credit card details and any other sensitive information secure from phishing websites by giving a warning that the website you are on may be trying to collect your personal information.  It also creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will allow you to stay hidden from anyone trying to snoop on your browsing while connected to an unsecured public WIFI network.  It works as an always-on app running in the background and you can open the app up at any time to see what unsafe websites you may have visited.

This extra layer of security is a really worthwhile addition to your iPhone, with more and more browsing being done on mobile devices, making sure you keep your data protected and having an iPhone security app, should be a high priority.

This is the third app from Onavo, the first of which compressed data that was being downloaded via 3g onto iPhones by up to 80%, helping users to get the most out of their data packages.  The second counted how much data you had downloaded in a month to make sure you didn’t go over your download limit.  All of their apps are free and all of them revolve around looking at the data which is downloaded to your phone. The question naturally arises; How will Onavo monetise?

We’re not suggesting that they are selling peoples data to spammers, or using the information in any way which would compromise the security of users personal details.  They are however going to know figures about how much people are using their iPhones online and how much data is being sent between certain channels, putting them in a unique position.

They will know how much time people are spending on certain social networks via mobile – The only people to know what apps are being downloaded outside of Apple and app developers themselves (what games people are playing online the most, for example).  This information would be very valuable, particularly to marketing companies. Onavo could be a very valuable company indeed.