Android iPlayer appApp of the Week 29th April 2013

BBC iPlayer Radio app for Android , Free

Six months after it came out for iOS, the promised Android version of the BBC iPlayer Radio app is finally with us , and it’s better than the version for Apple.

A port-over of the original iOS instalment, the Android version features a few updates which  give it the edge over its Apple counterpart. Rather than bringing up a carousel to find programmes, users now simply swipe to the next one, for a user experience which is just that little bit easier.

Live streams of national radio programming, access to the past week’s shows on demand and video clips all feature on the app, which also provides alerts for upcoming programmes that you don’t want to miss.

The app is available now from the Google Play store and will soon be available in the Amazon Android App Store, with support for the Kindle Fire HD tablet.

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