iPhone dimensions for app designThinking about getting an app designed can be a bit of a whirlwind if you’re entering into unfamiliar territory. We’ve put together a quick cheat sheet to introduce you to some app design terminology, and we’ve included the standards which are needed for each aspect, based on the sizes necessary for iPhone 5. These are for quick reference if you are having a lot of input in the design of your app, so you can tell the developer which bits of your artwork will go where.

Remember: all files must be in .png format and on a transparent background. The sizes of the files listed are the necessary display sizes , file sizes may be larger, depending on the specific project requirements. All colours must be in RGB colour space.

App Icon

This is the icon which people will see and click on when they want to open your app. This is the very first thing people will see of your app, so put some time and effort into it.

The icon must provide us with must be 1024×1024 pixels. The icon will also be used in 512×512, but we will resize the original file so you don’t need to send two versions.

An important thing to remember about the icons is that you shouldn’t style it as an iPhone app icon. The icon should not feature rounded corners or the gloss effect which you see on icons on your iPhone. Apple puts these effects onto your original file for you as part of the iTunes styling, so you just need to provide the 1024×1024 icon.

Splash Screen

A splash screen is what the user sees whilst the app loads behind it. Typically, it is suggested that if you don’t need one, don’t use one. It only keeps the user from accessing the content and is an unnecessary delay.

Default Screen

This is the first screen of the app itself. Once it is loaded and ready to go, the default screen is where the user will start to navigate your app.

For this screen you will need three default files

–                   320 x 480 px – For non-Retina Display.

–                   640 x 960 px – For Retina Display.

–                   640 x 1136 px – For iPhone 5, which has a longer screen.

Call to action button

This is a button which invites the user to do something, usually placed on the Default Screen as a form of navigation. If you are using a Call to Action button, it must be 300×300 pixels. If you are designing your app for the Retina Display, it will need to be double the size , 600×600 pixels , and we will need both files.

Nav Bar

A Nav Bar is optional, usually unnecessary in single-page apps or games. The size of this aspect of the app will depend on the orientation of the phone whilst in-app. If the app is fixed to portrait, as most apps now are, we will need files of 640×90 pixels and 320×45 pixels.

Tab Bar Icons

The Tab Bar will sit at the bottom of the screen, with icons 24×24 pixels in size.