Builderlinks utilities AppBuilderlinks is a simple to use Utilities App  portal for connecting with reliable, competitive and vetted trades people in your local area. Its very simple user interface allows you to browse through the content with ease.

It includes over 100 calculators to work out the budget for works that you might be getting carried out in your home, giving you a very clear comparison between how much a job would cost you if you were to do it yourself and how much getting a professional trades person in to do it would be. Additionally, there are over 200 entries in the Jargon Buster library, there specifically to help you understand any construction language that you might not be familiar with. The smartest feature of the app is the Expert function: with one tap of a button it will launch your phone camera and let you send a photo of you problem to an expert. They will take a look and evaluate what needs doing to get it all fixed up. All of these features come in one simple and easy to use app!

Download it here: