Arrested Develpment Les Cousins DangerouxIslendingaapp is the Icelandic app designers equivalent of Genes Reunited, with a twist.  The app utilises a database that was made of the volcanic islands 320,000 inhabitants and their ancestors dating back to the Middle Ages.  By simply entering in a name and a date a trace can be made to an Icelandic relation living or dead.  This is a dating app and genealogy tool for anyone on the island who wants to know what their relation is to Bjork, Sigur R²s  or the mayor of Reykjavik, Jon Gnarr. It also lets you find out if your hot date for the evening is actually your cousin.

The app’s functionality allows you to bump phones with anyone else who already has the app installed and it will make a noise to let you know if you should continue with your best chat up lines or quickly finish your drinks, go your separate ways and maybe call your granddad to find out if there is anyone else you should know about.  The feature is called “Sifjaspellsspillir” Which loosely translated means “incest spoiler” and the official tagline is ‘bump in the app, before you bump in the bed’.

It’s a fun dating app for people who are looking to trace their family history and the incest spoiler is a great feature for people to play around with.  Currently it is only available on Android although an iOS version is planned for the future.  The launch of which may be quite tricky because of Apple’s cracking down of app content which violates its terms and conditions, which this might do because of the adult theme.

If you are planning a trip to Reykjavik soon, sleeping with your cousin probably won’t be a worry while you’re over there, however looking for the best things to get up to while you’re there might.  Our Reykjavik travel guide is coming in the next couple of weeks, so check back before the end of May for full details