To do list appTeuxDeux , Free for TeuxDeux users ($24/year subscription , around £16)

The name over-complicates a simple pair of two-letter words, but the app itself does anything but complicate things. A fantastically well-organised, neat to do list app, it lets you organize your week in easy-to-read, designed to be as easy to use as a piece of paper. It trumps the plain notepad and pen by being more mobile, accessible and just plain neater.

This is a useful and elegantly designed tool, but a little expensive. The app developers certainly spent a lot of time perfecting this minimalist planner, but the cost might outweigh the beauty for some.

If you’re already a paying subscriber to TeuxDeux, then this is a nifty little tool that will come as an added bonus. However, for the rest of us, this might seem like a lot of money for a simple to do list app. You’d be paying for beautiful UI, yes, but minimalist UI. You won’t get a lot of bang for your buck.

That said it is wonderfully designed to do list app and it really does make writing a to do list a please. It shifts a daily task onto mobile very well, but the cost is sure to put many off.