App development for membership websites.

It’s not easy building a subscriber base for your website. Not only do you have to work your socks off creating a site packed full of easy-to-use features driven by engaging content but you also need to retain them.

Your users love your content and, in the age of mobile, they’ll want to consume it in more than one way. That’s why we’d suggest having a think about your mobile strategy.


Tradebox Media produces apps for iOS and Android that are built around great content and great design. You’ve already got the great content, and that’s the most important part. Your passion is already evident in your site. Our passion is mobile and, together, we can build some pretty spectacular Apps.

Tradebox will work with you to take your content and, wrapping it up with all a smartphone’s unique features, publish an app that stands apart and engages your current user base in a new and exciting way. What’s more, your app will attract new users to your content; spreading your passion and building your brand.

Tradebox can create engaging apps whatever your subscription platform. If you’ve got subscription-only content, we make sure that your current users can access this in every format whilst potential users are given a taster of what makes your content so unique.

Publishers can deliver their information either on ‘freemium’ basis, completely behind a paywall or in conjunction with their current subscription plans. Portfolio websites are brought to life in an App – properties, products or even personalities; we enable your users to carry your database in their pockets.


Mobile web usage now accounts for 10% of traffic worldwide. It’s predicted that in the next 18 months, this will grow to over 20% of global internet traffic. You can expect that 20% of your traffic will want to consume your content on their mobile devices within the next year and a half. Without a plan of action for mobile, that’s 20% of your users who could be left hanging.


Well, now of course!

Apps are there for the taking and the number of Apps published every month in increasing rapidly. Whilst not a ‘gold-rush’, we are witnessing the development of a market like no other. There’s a loyalty from users who have downloaded your app that’s greater than that of stand-alone site. There’s a personal connection between users, their phones and, consequently, their Apps.

Whether it by for iPhone, Android or tablet devices. Now is the time to build your mobile strategy and now is the time to develop your app. Contact us now.